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A Collection of Poems

Author, Sustainable Gardener, Coffee Addict, Nature Lover, Diver, Adventurer at Heart

Born and raised in Texas, Grayson Wyatt lived a life that was as wild and free as any child could dream. Growing up on the Colorado river allowed him to explore the outdoors and escape to unexplored places in his mind-freeing himself from a troubled childhood. He spent most of his free time fishing, hunting, and exploring the wilds around him. The nights Grayson would sleep on the ground fireside with bats overhead gave him a unique connection with mother earth; she helped raise him and gave the young man the connection he was seeking. 

            This love of exploration led him to become a world explorer, Navy Diver, writer, father, and lover of all things nature. Grayson writes to share some of those emotions and lessons he’s learned along the way. He hopes through his writings that people will connect with a deeper understanding of what it means to survive the hard times, fight through your challenges, love yourself and others and the world with an open heart. Currently, Grayson Wyatt lives in Northern California and spends his time sharing a mutual love for the outdoors with his family. 

            Grayson is passionate about sustainability and believes it is key to our continued happiness, and through sustainable knowledge, we can teach the next generation how to live in symbiosis with the world around us. His garden is where he spends much of his free time thinking, writing, and grounding barefoot; it’s a place all his own where the world fades away. Grayson says, “The garden is unique, you're given the gift of watching something grow while at the same time grounding the soul.” 

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